Vision, Mission, and Core Values


The vision of the UIC Center for the Advancement of Teaching-Learning Communities (TLC) is to promote and develop the growth of faculty as teachers of UIC’s diverse student body. Inherent in UIC’s culture is faculty commitment to student success.


TLC’s mission is to facilitate the development of, and participation in, various learning communities where faculty engage in curricular, instructional, and assessment innovation, including technological advancements, to improve student learning, with particular attention to undergraduate student success in the early years.

One-to-one faculty-peer-mentoring, informal teaching conversations, formal workshops and presentations, grants reviewed by the Teaching Excellence Review Committee (such as the Curriculum & Instruction Grants, CIGs), and partnerships with various UIC units including the Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) and the University Library, all aim to help UIC faculty create learning environments where both they and their students excel. TLC strives to enrich the range and depth of faculty engagement in teaching innovation via involvement in communities of practice that value high-quality teaching.

Core Values

Core values that underlie TLC’s mission include: commitment to ongoing learning; respect for the excellence in teaching already existing among UIC faculty; commitment to constant reflection, exploration, and the creation of collaborative, interactive, and dynamic spaces where faculty learn from each other and grow as teachers; respect for diverse ways in which faculty craft their teaching practice; and commitment to being informed by scholarship on teaching and learning and to being attentive to UIC students’ assets, challenges, needs, and aspirations.