Teaching Conversations

Teaching Conversations are faculty-led, face to face forum spaces that focus on a particular topic or question that is relevant to the UIC teaching and learning community. Please see below for more information and resources on various topics that have been discussed in past Teaching Conversations.


Topic: Navigating Microaggressions in the Classroom


Teaching Conversation Presentation Slides: https://tlc.uic.edu/files/2017/01/Resource-Guide_Navigating-Microaggressions-inthe-Classroom.pdf

Teacher’s Role: https://www.noodle.com/articles/microaggressions-in-the-classroom-the-teachers-role

Responding to Bias: http://crlt.umich.edu/publinks/respondingtobias

Eight Actions to Reduce Racism in the Classroom: Harper and Davis (2016)

Diversity and Inclusion in the College Classroom:Diversity-and-Inclusion-Report

Microaggressions in the Classroom: MicroAggressionsInClassroom-DUCME


Topic: Engaged Teaching and Current Events: How do faculty support student learning and well-being?


Difficult Dialogues: http://www.difficultdialoguesuaa.org/handbook . This is a free downloadable pdf book written by faculty from the University of Alaska

Dialogues Initiative: http://dialogue.uic.edu/

Daley Library: Empowerment in Action and Resource Guide: researchguides.uic.edu/empowerment


Topic: What is the Role of Physical Space on Active Learning?


Teaching Conversation Presentation Slides: https://uofi.app.box.com/files/0/f/16948623375/Teaching_Conversations_2017

What is Active Learning?: http://ocle.uic.edu/active-learning-environments/

Student Focus Group on Active Learning Spaces: https://ocle.uic.edu/files/2017/01/170123-Student-Focus-Group-on-Active-Learning.pdf


Topic: Problem Solving about Classroom Strategies to Address Student Feelings of Marginalization


Teaching Conversation Presentation Slides and Handout:


Topic: What is Team Learning and How Do We Use It in the Classroom?


Teaching Conversation narrated and non-narrated Presentation Slides:


You can also find more information on team-based learning (TBL) on: www.teambasedlearning.org

UIC faculty interested in exploring TBL and forming a working group may contact TLC Master Teaching Scholar and faculty in UIC’s Department of Managerial Studies Anthony (Tony) Corte (acorte@uic.edu)