Ensure Accessibility

Updated Resources_August 2016:

  • Oswal, S. K., & Meloncon, L. (2014). Paying attention to accessibility when designing online courses in technical and professional communication. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 28(3), 271-300. doi:10.1177/1050651914524780
    • Article provides a review of literature and a case for “paying attention” to accessibility early in the course design process. While the primary focus is on writing courses delivered online, principles and strategies offered have broad applicability.
  • Taylor, Michael A. (2016). Improving Accessibility for Students with Visual Disabilities in the Technology-Rich Classroom. PS: Political Science & Politics, 49, pp 122-127. doi:10.1017/S1049096515001134.
    • Article examines the development of accessibility for blind students in political science courses; barriers and instructional strategies are addressed using a classroom-based course example.


  • CAST, Inc. UDL (Universal Design for Learning) at a Glance. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDvKnY0g6e4
    • Defines and provides rationale for instructors’ application of universal design to accommodate diverse needs of students. Video models use of captioning.

Original Supporting Resources:

  • The University of Illinois at Chicago Strategic Plan for Increasing Undergraduate Success: Task Force Recommendations. p. 14