Create Open Resources

Updated Resources_August 2016


  • Dewan, P. (2012). Making the most of Google Scholar in academic libraries. Feliciter, 58(6), 41-42.
    • Discusses the advantages of using Google Scholar to retrieve and share open access resources.
  • Goldberg, E. G., & LaMagna, M. (2012). Open educational resources in higher education: A guide to online resources. College & Research Libraries News.
    • Discusses the movement of open access resources and provides links to resources that share educational materials via open access.
  • Willis, J., Baron, J., Lee, R., Gozza-Cohen, M., & Currie, A. (2010). Scholarly knowledge development and dissemination in an international context: Approaches and tools for higher education. Computers in The Schools, 27(3/4), 155-199. doi: 10.1080/07380569.2010.523883
    • This paper looks at the process of collaboratively creating and disseminating information resources, such as journals, books, papers, and multimedia resources in higher education. This process has been facilitated and encouraged by two relatively new movements, open-source and open access.


  • Allen, E.I. & Seaman, J. (2015). Opening the textbook: educational resources in U.S. higher education, 2015-16. Babson Survey Research Group.
    • In-depth report on faculty awareness of open educational materials such as textbooks and barriers to adoption of more open resources in the classroom in spite of widespread interest in cutting back on student textbook costs

Original Supporting Resources:

  • Shank, J. D. (2013). Interactive Open Educational Resources: A Guide to Finding, Choosing, and Using What’s Out There to Transform College Teaching. John Wiley & Sons.