Professional Learning Artifacts

In the Spring of 2017, 10 TLC Teaching Scholars were selected to 1) Focus specifically on a technological innovation working with an ACCC-LTS collaborator, and 2) Create an artifact reflective of their classroom instructional innovation. The artifact was intended to be a multimodal guide that would be useful to other faculty in implementing that particular innovation. These Professional Learning Artifacts served to not only showcase the instructional innovation and allow faculty to reflect on their own professional learning, but to also provide additional resources for faculty throughout UIC.

The UIC TLC Professional Learning Artifacts offer ideas and support to faculty covering a variety of areas. Please see below some of the artifacts available. Click on the corresponding link to access the artifacts for review.

• Building a badge system to support undergraduate students’ online research competencies
• Setting up Blackboard as a way to support team work and team-based learning
• Utilizing VoiceThread as a tool for student presentations in online courses
Creating a virtual networking space using social media as a way to connect students to various professionals and groups
Creating assessments for learning using the calculated formula / calculated numeric functionalities in Blackboard
Utilizing “grab-and-go” in-class demonstrations and other resources as a way of increasing student engagement and learning in science courses (e.g., general chemistry)
• Designing and implementing Blackboard learning modules to promote active learning
• Understanding and applying the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
• Developing and/or using a student game app for practicing a particular skill set (e.g., in foreign language instruction)
• Setting up and using the Grade Center on Blackboard to promote best practices for assessment of student learning