Policies Related to Teaching

Student Evaluation of Teaching Policy

Students attending regularly-scheduled undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses for which credit is awarded or required for program or degree completion, regardless of the method of delivery, must be provided with a means of evaluating the course in its entirety (e.g., a final course evaluation). UIC reserves the right to publish online the results of student evaluations of teaching for courses with an enrollment greater than 5 students.

Final Exam Policy

• Final examinations, if they are to be given, are given only during the 16th week of the semester (last week of the summer term). They may not be given earlier.
• If a student must miss an exam, the instructor needs to know as soon as possible and before the exam. If the instructor finds the excuse acceptable, an incomplete may be given and an exam at a later date may be scheduled. The instructor is the only individual authorized to permit a student to defer a final exam.
• No formal instruction of any kind may be given during the final examination period.
• The instructor has the option of giving combined section final exams.

Mid-Semester Grading Policy

To help assure that first-year students know and understand how they are doing in their various courses, faculty are required to report midterm grades for all 000- and 100-level courses.

Syllabus Policy

All regularly scheduled undergraduate, graduate and professional courses for which students receive credit or are required to complete, regardless of the method of delivery, must have a syllabus or equivalent documentation, defining the expectations of the instructor and the responsibilities of the student. It must include essential information as outlined in the attached syllabus guidelines section.

Textbook Policy

It is recommended that instructors place their course materials order as soon as possible.