Past MTS

The first group of 14 Master Teaching Scholars joined the TLC in October 2015.

MTS 2015-2016 
Jane Marone, Kinesiology and Nutrition
Jane MaroneDr. Marone teaches undergraduate anatomy and physiology, human cadaver dissection, and hosts a first year seminar course for incoming Kinesiology students. She has been teaching at UIC for 23 years and is a recipient of the Silver Circle, Teaching Recognition Program, and Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Educator of the Year Awards. She is currently the co-chair of the Teaching Excellence Recognition Program. Her most recent scholarship of teaching includes work in learning styles and the influence of social media on academic performance.
Anthony Corte, Managerial Studies
CorteAnthony Corte is a Lecturer of Managerial Communication within the
Managerial Studies Department of the College of Business Administration.
His primary teaching responsibility is one of the College's core courses,
BA 200 Managerial Communications, in Virtual and Hybrid formats. His
research interests include student/instructor Communication within F2F and
virtual environments, the integration of technology into the classroom and
the application of classroom flipping.
Michael Popowits, Accounting
Michael Popowits headshotMichael Popowits is a 28-year faculty member of the College of Business Administration, where he serves as Director of Student Professional Development and head of the information systems and fraud examination curriculum in the Department of Accounting.
Richard Thomas, Managerial Studies
Richard Thomas HeadshotProfessor Richard Thomas has strong experience as a trial lawyer, main stage improviser at Second City and, of course, as a teacher. He is interested in teaching critical thinking, analysis, logic and self-discipline skills AND creativity, connectivity and internal and external awareness skills in a balanced and synergistic way in his ethics, management, professional presence and communications classes. He is excited to teach and therefore explore how this approach can be applied to all academic disciplines and all courses that offer students knowledge and/or skills in the MTS program of the TLC.
Michelle Parker-­Katz, Special Education
 Michelle-PhotoMichelle Parker-Katz is Clinical Professor of Special Education and Teacher Education. She has taught elementary and high school students in general and special education, and her research agenda is focused on teacher learning (in early career and for specialization in literacy and in post-high school transition). She is a recipient of the Teacher Recognition Program and INSPIRE award. And, she loves the art and science of teaching!
Vahe Caliskan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
vaheVahe Caliskan received his Sc.D. degree in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently, he is a Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has been the recipient of a number of teaching awards including the 2012 Silver Circle Award, 2014 Harold Simon Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2014 Teaching Recognition Award as well as other department/college awards.
Mustafa Mahamid, Civil and Material Engineering
151001_Mahamid_Mustafa_8.jpgMustafa Mahamid is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Department of Civil and Material Engineering, his specialties are structural engineering, earthquake engineering and computational mechanics. As a practicing structural engineer, he brings extensive knowledge as well as varied analysis and design experience to the hands of students.
Martina Bode, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
MBProfessor Bode is currently the Director of Calculus at UIC, and a member of the Developmental Math Task Force which is a part of the Student Success Initiative. Previously, she was Director of Calculus and Distinguished Senior Lecturer at Northwestern University involved in teaching, mentoring of students, and initiatives to promote learning and teaching. Dr. Bode’s research interests include: the effectiveness of active learning methods, such as personal response systems or clickers in math classes; the impact of basic algebra skills to success in math courses and other disciplines; and the successes and challenges of residential academic support programs. Prof. Bode has also taught at Brandeis, Tufts, Wellesley, and Harvard Universities. During her 15-year career at Northwestern she has earned 9 teaching awards, including the Northwestern WCAS Teaching Alumni award, the Northwestern Charles Deering McCormick University Distinguished Lecturer Award, the Best Practices University Excellence Award, and the Campus Partner Award (Student Affairs).
Robert Paul Malchow, Biological Sciences
Paul Malchow headshotProfessor Malchow is Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences, and Director of the Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience. He teaches several undergraduate biology courses and has received a number of teaching awards including the 2015 Silver Circle Award for Excellence in Teaching. His research focuses on cellular and molecular mechanism of modulation of neural signals within the vertebrate retina.
Julie Peters, History
juliepeters-1Julie Peters, Clinical Associate Professor of History, is the Associate
Director of the Teaching of History program at UIC. A former high school
teacher, she continues to work in curriculum writing and professional
development. She is an active member of the Chicago based Service
Learning and Civic Engagement Consortium as well as several committees
dedicated to improving teaching and learning at UIC.
Robert Ryder, Germanic Studies


Rob Ryder has been the Director of the Basic Language Program in the Germanic Studies department in the School of Literatures, Cultures and Linguistic Studies (LCSL) since Fall 2014. He teaches courses at all levels of German, including Business German, and is also active in the Honors College. He received his PhD from Northwestern University in Comparative Literature and German, and has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago.
Mike Stieff, Chemistry
 steiff_mikeDr. Stieff is an associate professor of chemistry and learning sciences. He teaches large enrollment courses in organic chemistry as well as graduate courses in the design of learning environments. He specializes in using active learning techniques in the lecture classroom and the design of flipped instruction.
Alison Castro Superfine, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
Alison SuperfineAlison Castro Superfine is Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Learning Sciences. She is also the Director of the Office of Mathematics Education in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. Her research interests include research on teachers’ mathematical knowledge and teacher learning.
Geraldine Gorman, Health Systems Science
GormanGeraldine Gorman is a Clinical Associate Professor in the College of Nursing. Her educational background is in the humanities which she incorporates into the public health and ethics classes she teaches in nursing. She also practices as a hospice nurse.