Mid-Semester Grading Policy

To help assure that first-year students know and understand how they are doing in their various courses, faculty are required to report midterm grades for all 000- and 100-level courses.

Faculty who teach these courses in a given semester receive an email from the Registrar with instructions on how mid-term grades can be entered into the Banner faculty self-service system (my.UIC.edu).

An added benefit of entering mid-term grades into Banner is that advisors and other support units can also access the information and make positive interventions. Faculty may wish to include in their syllabus an explanation of what the mid-term grade may imply for a student’s overall success in the class, and an invitation to the students to meet with the faculty and/or TA concerning their midterm grade.

More information on the mid-semester grading policy can be found at: http://tigger.uic.edu/depts/oar/uic_faculty_staff/grades/midterm_grading.html