LTS Collaborators

The TLC partners with the Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) team to provide innovative instructional design support to TLC Teaching Scholars.

Name Biography
ERF-web Elizabeth Romero has a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Organizational Development. She is the director of the ACCC-Learning Technology Solutions team. She is responsible for the central implementation and integration of learning technology systems, outreach, faculty development and technical support for the use of UIC’s teaching and learning environments and tools. Dr. Romero has conducted research and presented at national and international conferences in topics related to multimedia applications, online learning, instructional design, organizational development, learning communities, and educational technology.
Szymon Machajewski Szymon Machajewski works with Academic Computing and Communications Center as a Senior Learning Systems Administrator. He is an academic technology Jedi and a teacher focused on student engagement. With his research on peer-instruction and gamification he promotes the adoption of technology in teaching and learning. He is a recipient of many awards in pedagogy including Blackboard’s Most Inclusive Classroom of 2016 and the Catalyst Award in Exemplary Online Course Design.
John McDermott is an audio/visual professional with over 25 years of experience providing A/V and video production service and support for higher education. Prior to working at UIC, he served as a Media Specialist at Rush University. As the Multimedia Services Lead for the Department of ACCC: Learning Technology Solutions (LTS), he provides training and support to help faculty and students bring their creative ideas and projects to life. He is located in the Academic Multimedia Lab 1-030 (formerly ITL East) at the Richard J. Daley Library.
Cheryl McKearinCheryl Hitosis McKearin is an instructional designer at ACCC-Learning Technology Solutions. With 10 years of teaching experience, she assists faculty with implementing instructional technologies into their courses. Cheryl is also a visiting lecturer with the Department of English.
MyHeadshotlarger Thomas Okon has an M.S.Ed in Instructional Design and Workforce Education from Southern Illinois University, as well as a B.S. from Depaul University in Marketing and Advertising. Previous influences included careers in Video Production, Information Technology, and Real Estate. In his current position as an Instructional designer, he's devoted to making learning easier for students, and helping faculty design interactive, collaborative, and mobile learning curriculum at the University of Illinois at Chicago.