Flipped Instruction and Beyond

Workshop presentation and materials prepared by:

Martina Bode, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, & Computer Science
Anthony Corte, Department of Managerial Studies
Mike Stieff, Department of Chemistry
Alison Superfine, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, & Computer Science
Tom Okon, Academic Computing and Communications Center

These workshops exposed faculty to innovative techniques for increasing active learning in the classroom with an emphasis on flipped instruction. During the first session, participants were introduced to methods for creating a lesson plan that made use of flipped teaching techniques. At the second session, participants had the opportunity to hone their technical skills for developing digital curriculum materials guided by Learning Technology Solution (LTS) experts. Those participants who were spring 2016 Teaching Scholars received further support from one of the four workshop leaders, who were all Master Teaching Scholars, on creating and implementing flipped lessons. A workshop leader visited the Teaching Scholar’s classroom to observe the flipped lesson and provide feedback. A third session offered faculty working on flipped lessons an opportunity to review their progress and discuss successes, challenges, and next steps.

Workshop Material

Flipped Instruction & Beyond Part 1 PowerPoint
Flipped Instruction & Beyond Part 2 PowerPoint

Example of narrated powerpoint for students to watch before coming to class: Module 2: Critical Thinking and Organizing

Tools for Creating Videos: MultimediaSoftwareComparisonUIC

Important Note:
As you create digital resources to be used in flipped instruction, make sure you attend to the guidelines specified in the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA)

The UIC webpage on Digital Accessibility at UIC provides a comprehensive set of resources on how to attend to IITAA.

Flipped Instruction at UIC

Four TLC Master Teaching Scholars welcome to their Spring 2016 classes any faculty who want to see flipped instruction in action. Their names, email addresses, and courses they teach, along with days and times, are provided below. They ask that you contact them if you are interested in visiting their classes.

Martina Bode (bodem@uic.edu)
Anthony Corte (acorte@uic.edu)
Jane Marone (janem@uic.edu)
Mike Stieff (mstieff@uic.edu)

Other Resources

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From the University of Texas at Austin: How to Flip a Class

Also from the University of Texas at Austin a Quick Start Guide: Flipped Classroom

Flipped Learning Community, a free professional learning community for sharing best practices, a source of information for emerging and established educators at all grade levels and subjects who are employing the flip in a single lesson, an individual class, an entire department, or the whole school

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