Final Exam Policy

General Policy

• Final examinations, if they are to be given, are given only during the 16th week of the semester (last week of the summer term). They may not be given earlier.
• If a student must miss an exam, the instructor needs to know as soon as possible and before the exam. If the instructor finds the excuse acceptable, an incomplete may be given and an exam at a later date may be scheduled. The instructor is the only individual authorized to permit a student to defer a final exam.
• No formal instruction of any kind may be given during the final examination period.
• The instructor has the option of giving combined section final exams.

Scheduling of Exams
Final examinations are scheduled according to the time and day(s) the class meets, and the type of class (lecture, lecture discussion, quiz or laboratory):
Time and day(s) that class meets. This determines the day on which the exam is scheduled.
Type of class. When a course involves classes that meet at different times (such as a course with both a lecture and a lab), the time of the course (for purposes of scheduling the exam) is determined by an established order of precedence: lecture, lecture discussion, quiz and laboratory. For example, if a course meets as both a lecture and as a laboratory, the final exam would be scheduled according to the time at which the lecture meets.
Exam Conflicts. The exam schedule is designed to prevent conflicts. But just in case, here is what happens if there is an exam conflict:
o For terms Summer 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017, course listed second in the online Schedule of Classes has precedence.
o Regularly scheduled final exams, including Evening Program Courses, have precedence over combined-section exams.
o A student with an exam conflict is responsible for arranging a makeup exam with his or her instructor.
A student having more than two examinations in a day. No student will be required to take more than two final examinations in one day. Any student having more than two final examinations scheduled in one day is entitled to rescheduling. Students must notify the instructor by November 1 in the fall semester and April 1 in the spring semester to be eligible for rescheduling. To resolve this conflict, the student will be required to take the first two examinations scheduled (according to the posted examinations schedule) in any given day. Any third, fourth or additional final examinations that are scheduled on the same day must be rescheduled and taken on another day within finals week.

The final examination schedule of the current semester is posted on the following website:

Final Exam Schedule for Evening Program Courses (Start after 6:00pm)
• Finals for Evening Program students are held during the 16th week of the semester (or last week of summer term) at the regularly scheduled class time.
• If a class meets more than once a week, the exam should be held on the earlier day of finals week.
• No examination should exceed two hours.