Student Evaluation of Teaching Program Policy

Students attending regularly-scheduled undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses for which credit is awarded or required for program or degree completion, regardless of the method of delivery, must be provided with a means of evaluating the course in its entirety (e.g., a final course evaluation). UIC reserves the right to publish online the results of student evaluations of teaching for courses with an enrollment greater than 5 students.

Information for participation in the campus online program is outlined at:

If your department is participating in the campus online program, you are encouraged to invite students to bring their portable electronic devices to class so they may complete their evaluations during class time. Frequent reminders and communication with students about your own value for course evaluations and how you will use them improves response rates. Remind students of how you have used student evaluations to improve your teaching, course content, assessment strategies, or instructional approaches in the past so that they know their opinions matter to you.

More information on the teaching evaluation policy and the campus online program may be found at: