Promoting Civic Engagement to Deepen Student Learning

Bringing the Community into the Classroom and the Classroom into the Community: Civic Engagement and Hospitality

Workshop presentations and materials prepared by:

Geraldine Gorman, Jackie Camardo, Robin D’Averso, & Rebecca Singer
Department of Health Systems Science

Explore ways in which faculty and the university can more effectively partner with communities, both local and international. Draw on examples from work within the Chicago Public Schools, from community collaborations in response to increased violence in our Chicago neighborhoods, and from lessons learned from global NGO’s. Consider ways in which Thomas Ehrlich’s definition of civic engagement as “working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference” can be operationalized in teaching, and augmented by considering sociologist Arthur Frank’s call for a “renewal of generosity,” expanding our sense of hospitality by blurring the borders between classroom and community.

 Workshop Material (available to UIC users only)

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From Curriculum to Culture to Partnership

Workshop presentation and materials prepared by:

Geraldine Gorman, Department of Health Systems Science
Mustafa Mahamid, Department of Civil and Materials Engineering
Michelle Parker-Katz, Department of Special Education
Julie Peters, Department of History
Robin D’Averso, Department of Health Systems Science

Learn from classroom examples how to integrate community-based service-learning projects into UIC coursework to align education with industry and community needs, and to link on-campus learning to civic participation.  These civic engagement projects highlighted the importance of joint work among stakeholders to build partnerships. These examples and the resources listed below provide insights into how larger systems of power and equity impact dynamics of urban collaboration, as well as examine processes for infusing such ideas into courses. Consider how to develop and/or implement community-based service-learning projects within your course.

Workshop Material: Civic Engagement PowerPoint slides


Illinois Campus Compact, an organization that assists colleges and universities with civic engagement and service-learning

UIC’s Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement

North Lawndale College Prep’s resources and guidance (rubrics, worksheets, resources, models) for teachers and students on interdisciplinary projects, including the Senior Projects, involving civic engagement:

For teachers
For Students

Social Justice, Equity and Civic Engagement at San Francisco State UnIversity

What is Civic Engagement? | Eugene Lang College

Review of Research in Education Podcast: Latino Education and Civic EngagementArnold Danzig, co-editor for the March 2012 volume, interviews Lisa Garcia Bedolla, University of California, Berkeley, about her article, “Latino Education, Civic Engagement, and the Public Good”

Experiential learning at UC Berkeley: A Forms Guide that helps determine documentation needed to establish and clarify relationships and responsibilities with partner organizations

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A Checklist for Implementing Service-Learning in Higher Education

Assessment of Service Learning Projects

Service Learning in the Geosciences

Faculty Toolkit for Service-Learning in Higher Education