Relevant Campus Units

UIC Campus Units that support the advancement of teaching and learning.

Center for Advancement of Distance Education

CADE develops distance learning solutions to facilitate and improve training, communication, and collaboration among health professionals, students, and members of the general public. CADE provides expertise across the full spectrum of development processes to support successful online learning and research data initiatives. Our flexibility and breadth ensures that we deliver the right combination of system features and services to meet the strategic interests of our clients. CADE specializes in services and development in several core categories:

Distance Learning Development

Services and applications that support the delivery of training by integrating instructional design principles and adult learning theory.

  • Web-based Training Modules
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Registration Systems
  • Online Quiz and Survey Composer
  • Courseware Development
  • Distance Learning Training and Consulting
  • CD-ROM Production
Webcasting and Multimedia Production

Engaging real-time and on-demand learning experiences and customized interactive communications opportunities.

  • Live Interactive Webcasting
  • On-Demand Webcasts and Presentations
  • Webconferencing, Videoconferencing and Audioconferencing
  • Conference Recording and Online Archiving
  • Audio and Video Production and Editing
  • CD-ROM Production
Web Site Design and Development

Attractive, user-friendly sites and systems that deliver messages clearly and provide enhanced online functionality.

  • Site Design and Development
  • Web-based Training Modules
  • Online Conference Archives
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Content Management Systems
Office of Diversity

The Office of Diversity is committed to “social change grounded in the principles of inclusion, access, and equity. Our name reflects the collective purpose of the Centers at UIC: to expand understanding of the value of cultural diversity and connect diverse assets to find creative solutions for common challenges. This collective purpose draws upon the Centers’ expertise in scholarship and practice to provide relevant support to our specific populations on campus and opportunities for intercultural engagement among students, faculty, staff, and Chicago communities.”

  1. African-American Cultural Center
  2. Asian American Resource and Cultural Center
    1. Consultation: Consultation for UIC administrators, faculty, and staff, campus offices and academic departments regarding policies, practices, programs, and activities that serve Asian Americans.
    2. Presentations: Workshops, trainings, and presentations for classes, organizations, and other offices to provide education for and about Asian Americans.
  3. Disability Resource Center
    1. Consultations, training, and technical assistance with faculty and staff
    2. Digital Accessibility Committee –  ACCC conducts short workshops on a variety of web accessibility topics; one-on-one or group consulting on digital accessibility
  4. Gender and Sexuality Center
  5. Rafael Clinron Oritz Latino Cultural Center
  6. Women’s Leadership and Resource Center

    The Women’s Leadership & Resource Center (WLRC) & Campus Advocacy Network (CAN) provide support, advocacy and referrals for women that study, work and teach at UIC. Issues we address include:

    • sexual assault/sexual abuse**
    • abuse in intimate relationships**
    • stalking and street harassment**
    • unplanned pregnancy
    • gender harassment
    • sexual harassment
    • unequal treatment based on gender
    • child care access and support
    • safety on campus
    • women returning to college
Counseling Center

The Counseling Center wanted our UIC community to know of, and have access to, information and support at this time of important national dialogue. Consistent with the University’s mission of preparing students for a life of engaged global citizenship, the Counseling Center is committed to social justice and to a campus culture of inclusiveness, respect, and enthusiasm for diversity. Below are some resources that may be helpful to you in understanding, participating in, and responding to recent events as our nation moves forward in a continuing process of unrest and healing. We encourage you to seek and find safe spaces and people with whom you can share your reactions. We provide students with accessible and culturally sensitive mental health services to promote overall wellness and help them to make the most of their learning experience at UIC. Please also refer to other information and services offered by the Counseling Center elsewhere on this website, and if we can be of assistance to you, please contact us.

Office of Instructional Resources and Online Learning

The Office of Instructional Resources and Online Learning in the College of Medicine offers the following services (for a fee):

  • Instructional Design
  • Creative services
  • Multimedia enhanced learning
  • Simulation and virtual learning environments
ACCC-Learning Technology Solutions (LTS)

ACCC-Learning Technology Solutions (LTS)

  • ACCC-LTS- will provide support to up to approximately 15-20 Teaching Scholars (TSs) whose aims include strengthening their teaching by learning about and implementing technology-enhanced instruction. This may range from using the various services and technologies that the ACCC-ITL supports to creating blended, technology-facilitated, or wholly-online courses.
Language and Cultural Learning Center

The Sandi Port Errant Language and Culture Learning Center supports faculty and staff from the School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics in creating interactive learning opportunities for students.

Office of Testing Services

The Office of Test Scoring welcome faculty requests for test scoring and related services that can be accommodated using the department’s optical scanner.

The capabilities and limits of the optical scanner determine the form these services take. In general, your students mark their responses to your multiple-choice questions on special forms called answer sheets. The answer sheets must be completed using #2 pencil . We provide two general purpose answer sheets that accommodate most testing needs. Your test questions must be provided to your students at the time of the exam on a separate piece of paper which you yourself prepare – our general purpose answer sheets do not contain space to have questions printed on them. Once your students have completed the answer sheets, return them to us for processing. A more detailed set of instructions for submitting exams will be provided to you when you pick up your answer sheets. ( Note : you must use the answer sheets provided by our office. Sheets from other sources won’t be compatible with our scanner. Or won’t be compatible without special programming. Special programming requires several weeks lead time, and is billed at an hourly rate.)

We offer individual members of the UIC faculty the three services described below:

Test Scoring

You complete a special KEY sheet to indicate the correct answer to each item. They run your KEY and answer sheets through the scanner to obtain the scores. Scores are printed directly on each student’s answer sheet. Accuracy is the top priority.

Test Reports and Analysis

In addition to scoring, we also offer a test analysis.

Automated Data Entry and Recording

The scanner can also be used to transfer any data collected on the answer sheets to fixed-length ASCII files on your own flash drive. This eliminates time-consuming, manual data-entry for exam scores, research data, surveys, and evaluations.

Tutorium in Intensive English

Tutorium in Intensive English offers a variety of speaking courses:

  • Advanced Pronunciation skills
  • Advanced speaking skills for Professionals
  • Conversation and vocabulary skills

Fees range from $400 – $675 for a 9 week session

University Library
  1. The UIC Library will accept requests for Library services-related consultations from Master Teaching Scholars and participating faculty in support of consultations on topics such as:
    1. Help faculty construct course assignments that support the information literacy of students
    2. Help faculty integrate library instruction into their courses
    3. Help faculty integrate library research/reference services into their courses
    4. Citation management
    5. Course/textbooks on reserve (through Blackboard and at the library)
    6. Integrating library collections into instruction
    7. Copyright issues in the instructional context
    8. Creation of topical or course-specific Research & Subject Guides
    9. Integration of librarians into the classroom or Blackboard
  2. UIC Library will offer workshops and webinars, existing and new, related to the integration of library services in the instructional context in support of TLCs ongoing program supporting teaching enhancement at the campus level. Examples include:
    1. How to find full-text articles
    2. Managing resources and creating bibliographies
    3. Integrating the UIC Library into your course
  3. Accept requests for Library collections-related consultations from Master Teaching Scholars in support of consultations (i.e., help faculty incorporate Library collections into courses to improve teaching and learning)