Blackboard as an Extension of the Classroom

Cheryl McKearin, Learning Technology Solutions (ACCC-LTS)
Olympia Kalagidis, Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences

Learn the different ways to supplement classroom teaching with Blackboard tools.These materials explore how to infuse technology into teaching without making it difficult. Materials will first present a brief high-level overview of the benefits of using Blackboard to deliver content and assessments, create a learning module, deploy tests and assignments, and attach rubrics.

Workshop Material (available to UIC users only)

Materials are available to UIC users via the following link:


Using Blackboard Learn to Supplement Your Classroom Course
Blackboard Learn Tools

1. Browser test and system requirements
2. Blackboard videos and instruction-available for students and faculty
3. Blackboard live and on-demand workshops –Instructional Technology Lab (ITL)
4. Blackboard Help for students and faculty on login page!

Blackboard Youtube Tutorial Videos

UIC Library Guide for Online and Distance Students

UIC Syllabus Template

Blackboard – when to use a learning module vs. content folder vs. an item vs. links

Folders vs. Learning Modules

The Difference between Creating Items, Files, Content Folders, and Learning Modules:

Item vs. course link vs web link:

Course Design Guidelines:

Minute Paper Resources:–ChrisComments.pdf